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Regular contributions to 

1.“The Hindu

2.“Deccan Herald

3.“Indian P. E. N.

4.“Aryan Path


6.“Prabuddha Karnataka”  


This is how Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao describes reading Vi. Si.’s writings:


“When I read Homer, I feel as if I were twenty feet high” said Edmé Bouchardon - the sculptor who lived about two hundred years ago. Homer’s description of Gods, Demons are of a gigantic scale. Readers are given this impression of immensity that is awe inspiring. Such is the power of description in Homer’s writings. I find Vi. Si.’s writings in a similar vein and he not only ascends to great heights, he also takes us with him to give us a panoramic perspective from his beautiful vantage point. Such is his scope and depth of writing”.



The 17th Kannada Sahitya Sammelan (Literary Conference) was held in 1931 at Karwar. Vi. Si. was invited to chair the poetry division of this conference. He was just 36 years old at that time.


He was invited to chair the 36th Kannada Sahitya Sammelan at Kumta.  Around the same time, he was also invited to chair the “Mumbai Prantha Bhasha Conference” held at Gadag. Vi. Si. was a honorary member of “P. E. N. Kendra Sahitya Akademi Prashasthi Committee” as well as the “Jnanapeeta Prashasthi Committee”.

His collection of character sketches “Mahaniyaru” and descriptive essay “Krishnacharithra” won him the Rajya Sahitya Akademi award. His anthology of poems “Aralu Baralu” received the Kannada Sahitya Akademi Award.

For a lifetime contribution towards Kannada language and literature, many a Festschrift volume was brought forth by his colleagues and well-wishers over time. Some notable ones were “Rooparadhaka”, “Vi. Si.” and “Vi. Si. – 75” (brought out on his 75th birthday).


He was conferred with a Honorary Doctorate by his alma mater - University of Mysore in 1976.


A brief list:

1.“Chairperson – Poet’s Conference” – Karwar (1971)

2.“Editorship of Kannada Sahitya Parishat Newsletter” (1939 – 42)

3.“Editorship of ‘Prabuddha Karnataka’”(1943 – 48)

4.“Chairperson - 36th Kannada Literary Conference” (1953)

5.“Honorary Member of Kendra Sahitya Akademi” (1954 – 70)

6.“Honorary Member of Jnanapeeta Selection Committee” (1965 – 68)

7.“State Government Honour for Distinguished Litterateur of the year” (1970)

8.“State Literary Academy Committee Membership” (1973)

9.“Honorary Doctorate by University of Mysore” (1976)


He breathed his last on September 4, 1983 at Bangalore, aged 84 years.


















1.“V. Seetharamaiah” – biographical book by Prof M. Ramachandra (2009)

2.“V. Seetharamaiah” – Personality & Poetry – Vi. Si. Sampada (1991)

3.“V. Seetharamaiah – Smarane” – a book by M. V. Venkatesh Murthy

4.“Sarthaka Baduku” – by Dr. B. P. Radhakrishna

5.“Vi. Si. Noorara Nenapu”


Dr. Vi. Si.

(V. Seetharamaiah)

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4 Sept 1983


Maharaja College, University of Mysore


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University of Mysore


Govt. Arts & Science First Grade College, Honnavara


Akashavani, Bengaluru


Kannada poems, essays, translations, critical reviews, biographical sketches, monographs and guide books on economics and political science.


“Krishnacharithra”, “Aralu Baralu”, “Mahaniyaru”, “Geetegalu”, “Deepagalu”, “Pampa Yatre” , “College Dinagalu”


‘Karnataka Sahitya Akademi Award’, 'Rajya Sahitya Akademi award', 'D. Litt', "Rooparadhaka”

Portrait photo of V. Seetharamaiah - (© Photo courtesy: K. G. Somsekhar) - No Reproduction without permission.

© Photo courtesy: K. G. Somsekhar



V. Seetharamaiah delivering the inaugural address at Kannada Sahitya Sammelana

V. Seetharamaiah delivering the inaugural address at Kannada Sahitya Sammelana

V. Seetharamaiah with a fellow Kannada Litterateur

V. Seetharamaiah with a fellow Kannada Litterateur