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'INTRODUCTION' by S. Srikanta Sastri to The Varalakshmi Academies of Fine Arts - Publication Bulletin No 1 (1954)


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Reviews of Sources of Karnataka History


Dear Sir,

The Library of the Congress, the National Library of the University has a special need for the Sources of Karnataka History, Vol I. It would be made available for use and we would greatly appreciate the courtesy.

– Very Truly Yours, Philip. G. Keeney, F. P. , Acting Chief Accession Division.

Diwan Sir Mirza Ismail

I congratulate the author

and University.


(Letter dated July 1941)

Mythic Society

Mr. S. Srikantha Sastri is a scholar of the proper type for a work of this kind which involves care, diligent research in collecting, editing and elucidating the numerous records including the literature of the Kannada districts, which began nearly half a century ago, but which for lack of systematic effort was lying idle. Mr. Narasimhachar’s useful history of Kannada Literature needed a separate work but left yet a desiderata for students of Karnataka History.


Quarterly Journal of Mythic Society

– H. H. Krishna Raja Memorial No. 1941, page 475 – S. Srikantayya

The Indian Historical Quarterly

Mr. S. Srikantha Sastri has worked hard in compiling this book and his plan is praise worthy, since source books will be welcomed by students of history. The book may be recommended to all students of South Indian History for the vast Wealth material collected by Mr. Sastri.


Indian Historical Quarterly, March, 1941 – D. C. Sircar

Kannada Sahitya Parishat Patrike

The sources are treated by him with much care and industry. We shall look forward to the proposed volumes for it will be unraveling the history of the heroic Hoysalas and Victorious Vijayanagar Monarchs. The Work under review is a very diligent source book which cannot but be useful to students of Karnataka and South Indian history.


Kannada Sahitya Parishat Patrike – 1941, B. A. Saltore

R C Majumdar

It is a very useful and interesting book containing extracts from all the relevant sources of information about the history of Karnataka. I am sure it will prove very useful to the students of Karnataka History and will facilitate research in that subject. The extracts are carefully selected and critically edited.


Letter No. 9754 dated 4th February 1941 from Dr R. C. Majumdar, V.C., University of Dacca, Ramna.

A N Upadhye

It is a praise worthy effort on the part of the university of Mysore that it has inaugurated a historical series in which the sources of Karnataka History Vol I is edited by Prof S. Srikanta Sastri…..It is Mysore that has given the world of scholars the grand volumes of Epigraphica Carnatica and there could not have been a better body than the University of Mysore to publish the sources of Karnataka History. This handy volume is a precious possession for the students of Karnataka History. We sincerely thank Prof S. Srikanta Sastri for his patient labour on the first volume and eagerly await the publication of subsequent volumes.


New Indian Antiquary III, No. 12, March 1941 – A. N. Upadhye

R. R. Diwakar

The Mysore University has been responsible for the publication of a number of Kannada, Sanskrit and English works so far and this volume certainly adds to its credit as a progressive university. It must have cost the author very hard labour and much cogitation since today the material for Karnataka history has scattered in poems, inscriptions, copper plates, manuscripts on palm leaf and what not….The author has promised to the great relief of scholars that he would deal with the Hoysalas and Vijayanagar kings in his next volume. He has written a very useful and scholarly introduction to the book. The book is indispensible to scholars and very interesting to the general reader. It is sure to arouse great interest among scholars even outside Karnataka.


Modern Review, January 1941

– R. R. Diwakar

Madras Mail

It is a very useful publication and puts together matter which has to be gleaned from a large number of at times even ponderous volumes of special and technical character.


Madras Mail, September 15, 1940