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'INTRODUCTION' by S. Srikanta Sastri to The Varalakshmi Academies of Fine Arts - Publication Bulletin No 1 (1954)


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Greekara Charithre (1950)

Sources of Karnataka history, Vol II

   Dr S.Srikanta Sastri's writings run into thousands of pages of books, articles, journals, monographs, hymns and so on..


    A voracious reader, his personal library exceeded more than 6,500 books ! Many of his manuscripts still lie askance, being unpublished all these years. Some of his most famous, catalogued works have been listed here. Many more, unpublished works will soon be digitised for the yearning reader's convenience.

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"Prapancha Charithreya Ruparekhegalu" by Dr S. Srikanta Sastri (2014 reprint)




"Geopolitics of India & Greater India" (1943) by Dr S. Srikanta Sastri


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